The Pretty Box: your daydream Ring Box come true

So many years in the Jewellery Sector, designing boxes for our customers but never seing the final result: when he/she finally gets the jewel in a box and surprises someone. After searching the best materials and designing the final boxes we went through many steps, learning and improving our final product: The Pretty Box is the result of our wish of making an original, soft, elegant and cute ring box for you.


Working with real pantones we chosen 12 colours for CHIC Collection, but this is just the beggining! With these colors we treat the leather and make it look awesome, soft and delicate to keep your special ring inside. Handmade with Love in Genuine Leather with vegetable dye.


CHIC Collection Oval shaped Ring Box made in genuine leather and suede leather


Using only genuine leather and suede leather  our ring boxes are custom designed in Barcelona, Spain.


All of our ring boxes go with an outside protection packer that keeps The Pretty Box safe and protected and it doesn't move inside, so when you receive it at home it will look perfect.

Be Pretty and Keep Sparkling




The Perfect Match

Hi Pretties! It's Elisabet behind the scenes of this beautiful and amazing project The Pretty Box. I'd say I have grown up surrounded by jewelry boxes, my father has been in jewelry market for over 30 years, so pretty sure I've learned a something about it, right? 🙂 plus I used to work with him, and nowadays I am CEO of JMC Designer & Co. (the mother of all our creations) ...So all the signs brought me to The Pretty Box project and I dived into it!


I love design and jewelry boxes and I love Weddings, Proposals, Engagements, Anniversaries and Birthday Parties so I decided to combine all of my knowledge in packaging, materials and good practices during the years with the passion for the happiness that a Wedding and a special Celebrations brings to a family and good friends.


That is the perfect match! knowing the market, having the passion and using the resources to design and make something that will last forever and that will be part of your memories through the years. That makes us feel more close to you, to your needs and how you would like to receive your engagement ring or maybe how you will propose! Or even propose to your bridesmaid! Becauste The Pretty Box is almost for every special occasion.


It's all about emotions and details and we want to share all of that with you and help you during your way.

 by Elisabet